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Caroline Wozniacki & Kim Clijsters in Thailand and my holiday

Posted on: December 31, 2010

Yesterday, I went to Sririraj hospital and waited for Caroline and Kim for hour. Caroline so cute! suitable with her alias “Angel Den” A lot of reporter same the airport that I met Kim the day after yesterday, also a lot of people! Someone don’t know them, asked me who? Someone said the tennis player Rafael Nadal ^v^ Oops! At the airport, also has someone who look like Chinese guy. He asked me who’s she? I said Kim Clijsters, tennis player. He thinks tennis is table tennis ^v^ Oops! I got Caroline’s signature, she signed beside Kim’s signature. I told her “You and Vika so nice when dancing together” She smiled include gently laughed. I really like her, wanna be faint while she’s smiling!

After that, I walked around there. From Wanglang(many delicious food) to Rakang temple(there are a lot of bell, Thai people admire cos we believe it makes us famous same noisy from the bells) then walked back to Wanglang for take Ferry to Tha Chang(fare 3฿ or ~$0.09). Tha Chang is near Phrakaew temple, I went there only 2 times. I don’t like a lot of people and must wear trousers, all make me sick! There are many shop and booth from Tha Chang to Tha Tian(walk to the road from Tha Chang then turn right, if turn left you’ll walk to Tha Phrachan). I saw the accident, bus against motorcycle! There are a lot of accident news in Thailand hrr.. make me sick! Tha Tian is the place that you can take Ferry to Arun temple(there is beautiful stupa) but I didn’t take cos I felt so uncomfortable. The sun so hot against the cool wind, all make me sick! Tha Tian is near Poh temple(there is famous Thai massage). Do u know what does it mean of Tha Tian? Arun temple has twins Ramayana demon, Poh temple also has a lot of Chinese giant. They against, make the harbour bare! Tian is mean bare! Poh temple is very shady and cool, make me love there. There is a very big Buddha, really big! There are a lot of people in front of entrance. Actually, there is the door beside holy hall but it has word “for Thai people only” but I think everyone can use this door for flexible. You must see the rates of guide service around $7 to $14. I’ve one more choice for you ^v^ I can guide you to visit 9 temples include market and some important places in one day only $30(not include public transportation and ticket for visit some places). It’s so worthwhile! Why 9 temples? Thai people believe it’s the best number cos it spells like another one word that’s mean step forward. Each temples have different meaning for example win war, good friendship, power, etc. I accept I don’t know all of place information, but the guide know! If u wanna know deep information and history, the guide is ur answer. If u wanna hang out, backpack, visit place and eat local food, I think I can do this better than the guide and very cheap rate cos I love all places around there so I happy everytime when I visit there. The most important, I can practice my English hahaha+


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