JAMEKUNG Pou Chung Ming

New year long trip part 1

Posted on: January 10, 2011

My old plan is travel the south of Vietnam then Bin’ll take me around there. But I had many problem such as Bin’s exam, Kim & Caroline come to Thailand, boxing day match lol I decide went with my parent and their friend’s family. It’s nice! But I’m only one young gal in big group. They’ve old and baby guys!!! I did activity alone T_T But it’s still okay cos I also prefer private sometimes. I surveyed the forest, it’s so excited thing! The forest fully bamboo in disorder and wonderful  7th floor waterfall. On the way to there  very hard, your car can’t go to there sure except 4wd car. You have to use two ferryboats and drive with the laterite way, adventure? I thought it’s very cold there but I wrong! I prepared my fashion wearing for cold weather but it’s not too cold T_T So everyone look at me cos I’m different! I think they don’t know “fashion” word lol I just take think beside myself hahaha+ don’t be serious! Oh! I forgot to tell all you guys about the name of place “Huay Mae Kamin National Park” in Kanchanaburi.



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